“Sorry, I am strictly liquids today” -California Starbucks Barista To be talent specific is one thing, but being talent arrogant is another. Skills are an effort to acquire, a drudgery to master and a gift if it was easy. Never belittle, share your skills, teach if you can and support where needed; it will onlyContinue reading “2/19/2020”


“If you believe that you win if you’re the loudest or the last word in a disagreement, you have in fact, lost.” Each and everyone one of us was born with the ability to reason. We have consideration, natural instincts, that is why that we learn to not swallow rocks or touch your face toContinue reading “2/03/2020”


“It take a only a moment to be kind to others in this lifetime, if you’re a dick, that lasts a lifetime” Have you had that day where everyone around you is just plain angry, impatient and/or rude? In today’s climate it is not uncommon, in fact, it’s almost expected. I need you to digContinue reading “1/30/20”