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Say EXACTLY what you mean, just expect an exacted reaction

Welcome to Sound-Byte Prophet.

We as a people, have become detached, short sighted, short tempered, short on time and short of attention. Our moods swing with the slightest breeze and our anger flares like a drunk uncle trying to light wet charcoal. We have become entitled. We have become jaded to shocking and stunning events. We have become numb to violence, numb to others, completely devoid feelings. We have become victims of our own self-destructions. We have lost our way…We have accepted that loss.

We have also become less than civil civilians, we have become “them” and “those people,” the one’s to quickly point blame to others and not take responsibility in our own actions. We all have set on a charted course to unnecessarily turbulant waters.

I am not stating that I hold any high-ground, nor do I claim to have the answers… but what I do have are the words of my long past, dead father, whom I struggled to ever see eye to eye with on any subject, except this; he’d say, “Everyone is looking for an answer, but they don’t know what the question is.”

Wise words from a man that despite, we being of the same blood, were two completely different people in ideals, values and outlook, but respect is respect.

SoundByte Prophet in short form, will try to inspire, explain, expand, discuss, validate, vindicate the “click-bait” we see non-stop and consume on a daily basis. I will seek higher ground, look from the outside in, with my values in tow, through my idealist colored glasses.

The format will be simple, A quote or headline followed by palatable, easy to chew take on the subject, honest and concise, take it or leave it approach.

So I hope you enjoy this relevant (IMO), long term project.

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